Maniscopic MRT 2540

Telescopic lifts

MRT Privilege is impressive lifting height and allows the development of 360 °. Very accurately control Telescopic unloaded, lifts and building relocation. Spend a minimum of time and the maximum number of operations to get their productivity more easily controlled.

Usge as a crane

MRI is also Privilege’l terrain movement capability, which adds mobility and combines the practicality and effectiveness. MRI is built on the same move-era, intensive production and lifts for the transport of heavy loads. Regardless of whether or not the machine is supported with stabilizers, the machine can work safely in any terrain.

3 Platform

Extend your lifting capabilities MRT Privilege’ga: you can reach a working height of over 40 meters length. According to the working environment provides a swiveling boom in its MRI and 3D systems, and creates greater flexibility in raising a safer working environment.


  • Lifting: 24.60 m
  • Maximum Range: 18.50 m
  • Engine: 132 hp – 97 kilowatts
  • 4 wheel drive and steering
  • Hydrostatic transmission