Komatsu 714

KOMATSU 714 PPC servojuhtimis devices are easy to use. The right joystick points aisade and bucket movement is controlled with the left side of the driving features. So the machine is able to maneuver with great precision and minimal effort.

CLSS (Closed Load Sensing System) is closed by a load sharing system for continuous control of all movements, accuracy and smoothness of movement. In addition, the system combines power and speed so that they conform exactly to ongoing work. Two-stage piston pumps allowing the machine to develop a second gear up to 16 km per hour speed.

Four Operating bucket is a very handy tool for digging, loading and off loading of material and soil for planning, additional benefits to a wide variety of articles provides an opportunity to grab bucket. Kopal is a strong bolted and two lõikeservaga blade that fits perfectly with the soil for leveling and smoothing. Two cylinders allow the bucket to open up to 100 ° angle, it makes the loading of the material covered and extremely lightweight.